New York Classical Club Oral Reading Context

New York Classical Club Contests 2016

Oral Reading of Greek and Latin 

Saturday, 9 April 2016, 2:30pm

602 Hamilton Hall, Columbia University






The New York Classical Club is pleased to announce two prize contests:

I. Prizes for the Oral Reading of Greek: 1st: $300; 2nd: $200; 3rd: $100.

II. Prizes for the Oral Reading of Latin: 1st: $300; 2nd: $200; 3rd: $100.



To encourage students to acquire both facility and enjoyment in the oral performance of works of Greek and Latin literature, all of which were originally created with the intention of their being performed orally and not read silently.


Any student of Greek or Latin (elementary, secondary school, undergraduate, or graduate level).  Contestants may compete for both the Greek and Latin prizes, or for either one.

Format of the Contests 

1. One set passage for all contestants:

            a) Greek: Iliad, Book 3, lines 95-110

            b) Latin: Aeneid, Book 4, lines 265-78

2. One passage of ancient Greek/Latin literature chosen by the individual contestant (poetry or prose, ca. 15 lines).  Contestants are required to supply three photocopies of this passage for the judges.

Judges of the Contest

Prof. Katharina Volk (Columbia University; Director of the NYCC Oral Reading Contests)

Prof. Sulochana Asirvatham (Montclair State University)

Prof. Joshua Katz (Princeton University)

 Criteria for Judgment

1. Contestants will be judged on the consistency of pronunciation, metrical and rhythmic clarity, and literary expressiveness.

2. Memorization of the performed texts is optional and will not be a criterion in the evaluation of the contestants.

(The judges reserve the right not to award one or more of the above prizes.)


Students who wish to enter the contest must e-mail Prof. Katharina Volk at by April 2nd.