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PSL-Columbia Exchange in Classics: "Ways of reading, ways of seeing"

  • Columbia University Location TBA New York, NY (map)

In collaboration with EALAC and the Department of Art History and Archaeology.

Event Program

Friday, September 22
Schermerhorn 612

9.30 Introduction

10-11 François Queyrel (EPHE/PSL), "Rendre invisible le visible : la mort des statues"  (Respondent: John Ma)

11-12 Martin Szewczyk (EPHE/PSL), Viewing power? Portrait statues and social relations in the Greek City in Imperial times" (Karen Christaens)

12-12.30 Discussion

12.30-2 Lunch

2-3 Manon Brouillet (EHESS/PSL), "Seeing, hearing and acting with the gods. Poetry and divination in Homer" (respondent: Kate Meng Brassel)

3-4 Gloria Mugelli (EHESS/PSL), "Hiera Kala: seeing and imagining animal sacrifice in ancient Greek tragedy" (respondent: Michael Fowler)

4-4.30 Break

4.30-5.30 Cléo Carastro (EHESS/PSL), Seeing phantoms : images, writing and the presence of invisible in ancient Greece (Respondent: Deborah Steiner)

5.30-6 Discussion

Saturday, September 23

10-11 Andréas Stauder (EPHE/PSL), “Display and Withdrawal of, and in, Ancient Egyptian Writing” (Respondent: David Lurie)

11-12 Olivier Venture (EPHE/PSL), "The display of writing and the question of the spread of literacy in ancient China"— (Respondent: Li Feng)

12-12.30 Discussion

12.30-2 Lunch

2-3 Camille Rambourg (ENS/PSL), "Visual evocation as a rhetorical strategy in Aeschines, Against Timarchus" (Respondent: Marcus Folch)

3-4 Christophe Goddard (CNRS/PSL), Le numen Augusti. Invisibilités divines, visibilité imperiales (Respondent: Francesco de Angelis)

4-4.30 Break

4.30-5.30 Stéphane Verger (EPHE/PSL), "Masquer la narration, raconter par l'abstraction: un parcours eschatologique protohistorique sur les cistes hallstattiennes de Kleinklein (Autriche)— (Francesco de Angelis).

5.30-6 Discussion

6-7 Drinks