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Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama Group: Seneca’s “Troades” (Trojan Women)

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The Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama Group is proud to present Seneca’s “Troades” (Trojan Women) – a resistance piece composed around the middle of the first century CE during the reign of Emperor Nero by his tutor.

Ten years wrought with bloodshed and agony of the Greek-Trojan conflict have ended. The surviving Greeks are ready to return to their homes, taking the Trojan people as their prizes and reducing the royalty to slaves. Despite the ashes of their city and compatriots scattering across the desolate plain of Ilium, the Trojan women stand together in their final moment of shared grief, rage, and strength.

“Troades” decries and protests colonial oppression. A testament to womanist thought in antiquity, the play denounces sexual slavery and the sorting of women. Trojan Women speaks to us today in surprising ways. It insists that we recognize how all humans, whether individually or collectively and often under social compulsion, perpetuate violence and cause others to suffer traumas both physical and emotional. The tragedy creates a false equivalence between the oppressor and the oppressed. In the context of a colonizing and colonized literary tradition, the play urges us to look inward also to address our own complex humanity. This spring’s production applies contemporary symbols and movement to Seneca’s protest in poetry.

Performances at the Minor Latham Playhouse, Barnard College:

– Thursday, March 30th: 8:00pm
– Friday, March 31st: 8:00pm
– Saturday, April 1st: 2:00pm matinee
– Saturday, April 1st: 8: 00pm evening

This production is in Latin with English supertitles.
Made possible by the Matthew Alan Kramer Fund.

Directed by Yujhán Claros with original choreography by Sarah Esser and music by Ediz Ozelkan.

Tickets are $10.00
Student tickets are $5.00 with ID.

Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama Group: Seneca’s “Troades” (Trojan Women)