Simone Oppen

Graduate Student


  • Greek drama

  • Greek historiography

  • Interactions between ancient Greece and the Near East

  • Hellenistic poetry

  • Greek papyrology

  • Hadrianic Panhellenism

  • Reception of Herodotus

    Simone Oppen specializes in Greek drama and historiography, in particular literary production under the Athenian Empire and its later reception.

    Simone received her BA in Classical Languages and Comparative Literature (a double major with a minor in Dance and Performance Studies) from UC Berkeley in 2009 and her MA and MPhil degrees in Classics from Columbia University in 2012 and 2015. Her graduate work and training has been supported by external fellowships from the German Academic Exchange Service, the Fulbright Program, the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the Gerda Henkel Foundation, the Jacobi Foundation, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Her PhD was conferred in February 2019. Please see Simone’s site for her current C.V. and publication.

    Her dissertation, entitled Comparative perspectives on Persian interactions with Greek sanctuaries during the Greco-Persian Wars, examines how literary invocation of ruins shaped larger cultural narratives. Simone is also researching Herodotean reception in everything from Hellenistic inscriptions to Byzantine scholarship. As an undergraduate, she directed a production of Euripides’ Hippolytus in ancient Greek (the first such performance at UC Berkeley in over 40 years); as a graduate student she worked with Barnard Columbia Ancient Drama as a stage-manager and producer, director, and actress. Alongside this research and creative work, Simone has completed a papyrology course at Oxford, published an edition of a Homeric papyrus (BASP 51), participated in a Greek epigraphy course with the German Archaeological Institute and a workshop on digital and practical epigraphy at the Institute of Classical Studies, and excavated in Italy (APAHA Tibur). She maintains active research interests in these areas.