Students in Classics at Columbia University are asked to secure a broad background in the liberal arts, as well as comprehensive knowledge of ancient Greek and Latin literature, languages, and cultures. The core Classics courses represent both traditional and innovative approaches to the study of antiquity; other courses examine the classical tradition from the perspective of neighboring disciplines on campus, such as archaeology, art history, history, law, linguistics, and philosophy. The traditions included as fields of emphasis in Classics comprise not only Greek and Latin, but also Egyptian, Jewish, and Near Eastern history, languages, and literatures, as well as the reception of Greco-Roman antiquity in Byzantine, Medieval, and contemporary art, literature, and film.

Columbia College and General Studies students may choose to major in Classics, Classical Studies, or Ancient Studies, or concentrate in Classics, and Barnard students may choose from Greek, Latin or Ancient Studies. Since the Columbia and Barnard departments of Classics offer a complete sequence of courses in ancient Greek and Latin, a variety of courses on ancient civilization and literature in translation, and a variety of different major, minor, and concentration options, the choices available may seem daunting. We hope that this website will help you make the selections that are right for you. For more detailed information, see the Undergraduate Guide to Classics at Columbia.

There are also many people who will be happy to help you: Gareth Williams, the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Classics and Ancient Studies at Columbia (gdw5@columbia.edu), Helene Foley, the Barnard Classics Chair (hf45@columbia.edu), the staff in the Classics office, and the other members of both departments.