Kate Meng Brassel

Graduate Student



  • Satire
  • Stoic philosophers of the early Roman Empire (e.g. Epictetus, Cornutus) 
  • Music
  • Engaged pedagogy


Kate is writing her dissertation, Quis leget haec?, on the production of poetry and philosophy in the satires of Persius. Her interest in types of discourse with which Persius engages has now extended to Epictetus, on whose diatribes she is working in parallel to her dissertation. In her spare time, Kate has dabbled in musical composition for Roman verse. Kate is committed to engaged pedagogy as a means of empowerment and change; she has led the department's Team Teaching Pedagogy Colloquium in addition to serving as Lead Teaching Fellow. Throughout the school year, she volunteers with Minds Matter, a program for low-income high schoolers. 

For the last two years Kate has taught from Homer to Toni Morrison in Columbia's Core Curriculum. In Spring 2018, as Teaching Scholar she will offer an undergraduate course entitled "Hercules: Hero, Murderer, Philosopher, Buffoon." 

B.A. Columbia, M.Phil. Cambridge, M.A. Princeton