Emma Ianni

Graduate Student



  • Comparative perspectives
  • Gender and feminist studies and the Classics
  • Social history of festivals and carnivals from antiquity to today
  • Greek tragedy
  • Literary theory

An Italian native, Emma received her B.A. in Classics and Comparative Literature from Cornell University (2017), where she graduated magna cum laude with a thesis on comparative perspectives on gendered insults both in ancient festivals and in contemporary ones.
Emma is mostly interested in the interplay and dialogue between ancient and modern texts, in a way that goes beyond reception and aims at showing how later text can illuminate the Classics. Moreover, while at Columbia, she plans on focusing on the reading of ancient text alongside feminist criticism, with special interest to Greek drama. She is also fascinated by literary theory, ancient social history of popular festivals and rituals, representations of “anomalous women” throughout literatures and the idea of fragments.
In her free time, Emma likes to explore what New York has to offer, especially contemporary art, book talks and musicals. She enjoys writing and running along the Hudson.