Cristina Perez

Graduate Student



Cristina came to Columbia with an MA in Philosophy from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and an MPhil in Classics from the CUNY Graduate Center. Broadly, her philological interests encompass Greek and Roman tragedy, New Music, Neoteric poetry, and Latin American receptions of Greek and Roman literature. Her theoretical approach is mostly influenced by post-structuralism and feminism/queer/race studies. 

In particular, she has been thinking and writing about the concept of sexual reproduction (paidopoia) as it appears in Greek tragedy and fifth and fourth-century prose writers. She is concerned with how a better understanding of the centrality of this concept to political projects can reframe our interpretations of female characters in tragedy. Although that is her primary focus of interest, Cristina is in her first year in the PhD program and, for the moment, is developing a few branches in both languages. She has also been working on a post-structuralist reading of Timotheus of Miletus’ Persae, and she is interested in Seneca’s uses of the pathetic fallacy in the tragedies. 

Cristina was born and grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and has been living abroad for 16 years, a cosmopolitan experience she takes to be an important background to her academic work. She is deeply engaged with Puerto Rican literature and is always interested in finding connections with Greek and Roman authors. She has been slowly developing this branch of her work as the founding editor of the literary magazine The Puerto Rico Review.

An important part of her education comes from the theater. In Puerto Rico, Cristina grew up taking workshops, classes, and forming part of theater companies with the most important local female experimental artists, like Viveca Vázquez, Teresa Hernández, Maritza Pérez, Petra Bravo, Awilda Sterling, and Rosa Luisa Márquez. She also took workshops internationally, twice in Quito with Malayerba, in Los Angeles with the Colombian company Mapa Teatro, in Perú with Yuyachkani. Not interested in acting anymore herself, Cristina turned to the theoretical study of theater and to playwriting. Her play, Western: A Play Starring Antigone and her Siblings, was produced in 2016 by the New York-based theater company Caborca at The Clemente. 

Because her days are so busy, she tries to keep a very vivid dreaming life.