Claire Catenaccio

Graduate Student
617 Hamilton Hall


  • Greek drama
  • Monody, choral song, and ancient Greek music
  • Performance and reception of ancient theater
  • Greek mythology
  • Homer

Claire Catenaccio received her A.B. in Classics from Harvard University in 2007, and completed her M.Phil. in Classics at Oxford in 2009, where she was also awarded a teaching certification. Her main areas of interest are mythology, epic, and ancient drama. She has written on the significance of lamed figures in Greek mythology, on the use of masks in Attic tragedy, on the role of dreams in the plays of Aeschylus, and on song in Sophocles. Her dissertation, "Monody and Dramatic Technique in Late Euripides," supervised by Professor Helene Foley, deals with actor's lyric in four plays: IonIphigenia in TaurisPhoenician Women, and Orestes. As an dramaturge and director, Claire has worked extensively with modern stagings of ancient texts, and for the past three years has experimented with the active speaking of Greek and Latin as an instructor for the Paideia Institute.

Selected Publications

“Sudden Song: The Musical Structure of Sophocles’ Trachiniae,” Arethusa (forthcoming 2016)

“Oedipus Tyrannus: The Riddle of the Feet,” The Classical Outlook 89.4 (2012): 102-107

“Ajax in America,” Amphora 11.1 (2012): 12-13

“Dream as Image and Action in Aeschylus’ Oresteia,” Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 51 (2011): 202-231

Selected Theatrical Productions

Thyestes, Seneca. Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group (2013). Reviewed in Didaskalia 10.2 and 10.3. Available on Barnard YouTube: Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group: Seneca's Thyestes (2013)

Alcestis, Euripides. Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group (2012). Available on Barnard YouTube: Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama Group: Euripides' Alcestis (2011)

Iliad IX: The Embassy to Achilles, Homer. Barnard/Columbia Ancient Drama (2011)

Agamemnon, Aeschylus. Oxford Greek Play, Oxford Playhouse Theatre (2008). Available on YouTube: Agamemnon 01 Prologue