Carina de Klerk

Graduate Student


  • Ancient drama
  • Greek poetry
  • Literary theory


Greek tragedy is Carina’s first true love. With her research, Carina aims to understand tragedy—how it came about and why it came about as it did and what it is that tragedy does. These are the large questions, part of even larger questions about the power of theater and art, more generally. She doesn’t have any answers, nor does she expect to have any, not anytime soon. Although Greek tragedy is the love of her life, it is also true that Carina has a wandering eye. She tends to be attracted to representations of madness and other kinds of alterity, wherever they may be found. And, currently, she is particularly excited about developing a project on Cicero’s letters for her Latin M.Phil. paper.

When not studying, Carina enjoys exploring, biking, and taking in a show as well as putting on shows. In 2011, she co-founded Oimoi Productions (with Professor Lynn Kozak, McGill University) and is looking forward to further creative collaborations at Columbia.

B.A. and M.A. McGill University