Ashley Simone

Graduate Student Profile


  • Roman literature of the late Republic and early Empire

  • Latin scientific literary texts

  • Greco-Roman cosmology and astronomy

  • Aratus and his reception at Rome

My research focuses on Latin literature and language of the late Republic and early Empire. I am particularly interested in the rise of astral culture at Rome at the turn of the first millennium. In my dissertation, entitled “Cicero Among the Stars: Astral Literature and Natural Philosophy in the Late Republic,” I consider how Cicero as politician, poet, and philosopher set in place the linguistic and ideological framework that made the stars a permanent part of Roman literature, art, and politics in the first century and beyond. My forthcoming piece in Classical Philology argues that Horace’s Cleopatra (C. 1.37) is a Protean figure who symbolizes the prophetic poetics of the Augustan age. 

In addition to my academic research, I am a volunteer and founder of the Latin outreach program at Corpus Christi Elementary School with the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study. I also aim to make the classical tradition more accessible to a wider demographic by holding outreach events in NYC and TX. 

I am wife to fellow classicist Caleb Simone and mother to two boys, with whom I love to explore and travel.