Anna Conser

Graduate Student


  • Greek literature, especially tragedy and philosophy
  • Ancient music and performance
  • Latin didactic, especially Lucretius and Manilius
  • Digital humanities; language pedagogy

Anna Conser received her B.A. from Carleton College in 2007, and was a Fulbright Fellow in Germany in 2010-11.  Her main areas of interest are Greek drama, philosophy, and music.  As a Ph. D. student at Columbia University (M.A. 2013 and M.Phil. 2017), Anna has presented conference talks on a wide range of topics, including the use of persona in Semonides Fr. 7 (SCS 2015, LCC Graduate Student Paper Award 2016); the role of pitch accents in Greek melody (MOISA Seminar 2017); and Lucretius' use of presocratic authors (SCS 2018).  Her dissertation, “Tide of Song: Antistrophic patterns in Greek tragedy”, supervised by Professor Helene Foley, examines how the musical structure of choral song shapes theme and plot in tragic texts.

As a Teaching Fellow at Columbia University, Anna has taught Elementary Latin, Elementary Greek, and Intermediate Greek (a self-designed course on “philosophical impiety” in Xenophon, Plato, and selections of Greek poetry).  She has also engaged students through theatrical performance, directing undergrads and graduates in productions of Sophocles' Trachiniae (2016) and Aeschylus' Choephoroi (2014).  Anna helps other instructors improve their courses as a Teaching Consultant at the Center for Teaching and Learning, and for the past four summers she has experimented with active language pedagogy as an instructor for the Paideia Institute.

Anna is a founding member of Seattle-based Bow & Lyre Productions, for which she co-directed the short film “Maureen” (2012, 30 min).